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Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster designs premium children’s clothing featuring contemporary designs created by some of the newest design talent from around the globe, and crafted from beautifully soft organic and fair trade materials.

All jersey garments have been produced using innovative and certified ecological dyeing, printing and production methods and the disposal of by-products into the ecosystem is regulated, so flushing chemicals into the water supply is not an option. The company has also ensured that all aspects from the dyeing and finishing, to the buttons on its babywear are certified non-toxic. Therefore your choice is better for the environment and better for your child’s skin.

All clothing items are certified by Skal, a Dutch certifier, which issues the “EKO” label used widely throughout Europe. Skal's aim is to offer certainty to the consumer that clothing with the Eko label really originates from an organic production process. All of Green Eyed Monster’s cotton jersey, produced in Turkey, has been certified as 100% organic cotton by Skal.

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