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We’re on the hunt!

Welcome all Cloth Nappy Hunters! And for those of you who don’t know about this eco-fabulous event, The Cloth Nappy Hunt is an internet scavenger hunt that involves hundreds of amazing businesses – and not only those that offer cloth nappies, either. Many are run by Australian work at home mums (WAHMs) and many sell wonderful handmade and eco-friendly items too. The idea is to visit sponsor websites and collect as many icons as possible during the month of September.

Why, you ask? Well for one, it gives you a chance to discover some pretty cool businesses – many of them offering exclusive discounts to hunters for the month of September. Best of all, there are more than $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs for hunters who find the most icons, find them the quickest or simply those hunters who win the daily prize draw.

As part of Itty Bitty Greenie’s sponsorship, we’re offering hunters 15% off storewide and one lucky winner will receive one of our very popular Goodbyn lunchboxes.

If you haven’t yet registered for the hunt, click here to submit your details and get the low down on all the rules.

We hope you enjoy our mini hunt – there are four clues hidden throughout the site. If you get stuck, make sure you pop across to the Itty Bitty Greenie hints page on the nappy forum.

Be warned though – joining the hunt is very addictive…

And now, your first clue:

Twinkle twinkle eco star,
How I wonder what you are…
Lighting up the world so keen,
in all the colours, not just green

Click here to go back to the Itty Bitty Greenie eco-shop, so you can search for the rest of the clues on our product pages!

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