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Christmas Time For Toys

Christmas Time for Toys with a few that make our list!  Christmas is a time of open hearts and kindness and giving the simplest of token in a gesture of goodwill and happiness makes us feel remembered and loved! It doesn’t need to break the bank either!
Be creative and up-cycle or revamp an old treasure or maybe add a bit of the old and the new together!
Think Recycle, Happy and Fun!

If you’re looking for some Eco-friendly Christmas Toys here are a few that make our list for eco-fabulous kids!

Christmas Time with Green Toys! 

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1) Pop-out and Play Christmas A magical winter wonderland to play and display! $16.95

2) Plan Toys Fire Truck Wooden Toy for junior rescuers! $24.95

3) Green Toys Fire Engine Race to the rescue! $32.95

4) Kit Pax Fire Station Build for fun-filled action! $39.95

5) Green Toys Fire Truck Protect the environment from harm! $52.95

6) Green Toys Fire Station Playset Spark imaginative play with your little firefighter! $99.95

7) Day and Night First Word Book From tummy time to toddler’s first words! $19.95

8) ABC Touch & Feel Alphabet Book Interactive play for sensory and language awareness! $19.95

9) Count with Me 1-2-3 Book Foldout Double Sided Animals for learning and fun! $19.95

10) Wooden Stacking Rabbit  Classic Toy with a modern look! $45.00




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Happy Birthday Sophie!

Oh Sophie, you don’t look a day over … wait a second. You’re 50? Wow, what’s your secret?

For those of us who know and love this little giraffe there’s no secret to her lasting appeal. Born in 1961 in France, Sophie the Giraffe has made parents (and SO many drooling babies) smile for half a century now with that soft little squeak, cute contrasting spots, and super-soft texture that is just the best for teething relief.

I love the fact this toy is still hand made using the same traditional rotational molding process, from eco-friendly, all-natural and sustainable rubber derived from the Havea tree. The fact that it’s natural rubber means it’s also completely safe and free from BPA, phthalates or other harmful additives commonly found in teething toys.

To celebrate Sophie’s birthday, Itty Bitty Greenie is offering 25% off any Sophie sold in May. We’ll gift wrap her for free, too!

Here’s a fun little video that tells more about Sophie’s heritage and journey through the years:

Sophie’s the #1 choice

For nearly 50 years Sophie the Giraffe has been loved by babies all around the world, and she has become an iconic toy that has been passed through generations, a favourite among celebrity mums, old-school mums and modern mums alike. But what makes me love this classic teething toy so much more, is the fact it is also eco-friendly, all natural and toxin-free.

For those who don’t know her heritage, Sophie was born in 1961 in Paris. She is made by the French company Vulli, located in the French Alps, from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree that grows in Malaysia. Every morning, before the daytime heat sets in, the milky liquid latex that oozes from beneath the bark of these trees is collected. Vulli then applies a traditional process of rotational moulding to shape the rubber into Sophie as we know her. Amazingly, each Sophie is still produced traditionally, involving 14 manual operations before completion. With more than 30 million Sophies sold around the world, that’s a lot of manual labour!

Even more amazing, Sophie’s popularity grew by simple word of mouth – mums obviously know a good toy when they find one – and there are plenty of reasons why. This toy is not only soothing for teething babies, it’s great for early learning because it stimulates all five senses:

SIGHT – the dark and contrasting spots of the giraffe provide visual stimulation for young babies

HEARING – the gentle squeak of Sophie stimulates hearing and keeps babies amused

TASTE – the natural rubber is soft on gums and the all-natural food paint is non-toxic and completely safe for babies

SMELL – the singular scent of natural rubber makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for a child to identify among all their other toys

TOUCH – the shape of Sophie’s long neck and legs is easy for little hands to grip; she’s also very light and soft to touch

It’s no wonder this sweet little giraffe has become the star she is today.  Soft and soothing, the perfect size to hold and chew, Sophie comforts and pacifies babies like no other toy or dummy can.

Buy Sophie here and we’ll gift wrap her for free!