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  • IttyBittyGreenie is proud to offer the latest toxin-free children’s products made by manufacturers committed to earth-friendly practises. Clothing made from organic materials, skincare that is chemical and preservative free, toys made from natural, sustainable sources, bottles and dishware that do not contain hormone-disrupting toxins such as BPA.

    Not only are we focused on the products, but also the stories behind them, which is why you’ll find items from inspiring companies in Australia and abroad who are designing, innovating and creating fabulous green eco-friendly products, all while adhering to fair trade principles and using sustainable packaging options.

    If you and your loved ones are making an effort to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, we hope IttyBittyGreenie can be a valuable resource for you. Please check out our blog, where you will find updates on some interesting new products we’ve found, and the latest news and information on green issues from trusted sources around the world.

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