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Christmas Time For Toys

Christmas Time for Toys with a few that make our list!  Christmas is a time of open hearts and kindness and giving the simplest of token in a gesture of goodwill and happiness makes us feel remembered and loved! It doesn’t need to break the bank either!
Be creative and up-cycle or revamp an old treasure or maybe add a bit of the old and the new together!
Think Recycle, Happy and Fun!

If you’re looking for some Eco-friendly Christmas Toys here are a few that make our list for eco-fabulous kids!

Christmas Time with Green Toys! 

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1) Pop-out and Play Christmas A magical winter wonderland to play and display! $16.95

2) Plan Toys Fire Truck Wooden Toy for junior rescuers! $24.95

3) Green Toys Fire Engine Race to the rescue! $32.95

4) Kit Pax Fire Station Build for fun-filled action! $39.95

5) Green Toys Fire Truck Protect the environment from harm! $52.95

6) Green Toys Fire Station Playset Spark imaginative play with your little firefighter! $99.95

7) Day and Night First Word Book From tummy time to toddler’s first words! $19.95

8) ABC Touch & Feel Alphabet Book Interactive play for sensory and language awareness! $19.95

9) Count with Me 1-2-3 Book Foldout Double Sided Animals for learning and fun! $19.95

10) Wooden Stacking Rabbit  Classic Toy with a modern look! $45.00




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Building puzzles = building life skills


Putting together puzzles is something I hadn’t done for years until my son was old enough to take an interest, and when we started doing them together, I was quickly reminded why I loved the activity as a child.

It involves several aspects of the thinking process, and it’s this cognitive engagement that makes puzzles a great activity for children of all ages. Child play therapists argue that puzzles build skills that can be applied to most aspects of daily living.

Here are the top five developmental benefits of doing puzzles:

1) Hand-eye co-ordination: From an early age, simple puzzles and stacking toys can help babies recognize shapes and, through trial and error, they can manipulate pieces to fit in the proper spots. Wooden puzzles and shape sorters are great for this.

2) Fine motor skills: As their spatial awareness develops, puzzles give children a chance to exercise mental manipulation as well as physical dexterity. By learning to grasp and manipulate pieces, children develop their fine motor skills in the process.

3) Problem solving: Puzzles create an opportunity to develop your little one’s critical thinking, work on planning, logic, reasoning, organization and deductive skills.

Ravensburger-3-in-a-Box-Preschool-Jigsaw-Puzzles-Nursery-Rhyme-14034349-54) Language development: Word and picture association offered by puzzles allows children to build and expand their vocabulary. Puzzles built around nursery rhymes, for example, can be a fun way to build associations with pictures and stories.

5) Social skills and self-esteem: When children work together in co-operative play it encourages communication as they take turns, negotiate where they think the pieces should go and why, and in the end they can share the satisfaction of seeing their masterpiece completed. Puzzles can also help children with attention issues, such as those with ADHD, to stay engaged.

At Itty Bitty Greenie, we aim to offer a range of challenging eco puzzles and games for children aged 0-5 that are not only intellectually stimulating, colourful and fun, but also environmentally friendly. Click here to view our range of eco-friendly puzzles (made from recycled board) by Orchard Toys, Ravensburger, Mudpuppy, and more.

Gifts for the Itty Bitty MasterChef

Whether they’re practising their cooking skills in their cubby house, or simply copying what mummy or daddy does in the kitchen, these toys are great for encouraging imaginative play, role playing and language development, and are perfect gifts for your little MasterChef-in-training!

1) Organic Cotton Kids’ Aprons in gorgeous Scandinavian-designed fabrics (RRP $34.95)

2) Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game, made from recycled cardboard (RRP $32.95)

3) My First Garden book, made from recycled paper and printed with soy inks (RRP $12.95)

4) Green Toys 17-piece Tea Set, made from recycled plastic (RRP $51.95) *On sale now $41.56

5) Fruit and Vegetable Play Set, made from sustainable and eco-friendly rubber wood (RRP $37.95) 

6) Green Toys Chef Set, made from recycled plastic milk bottles ( RRP $29.95) *On sale now $23.96

7) Food and Beverage Play Set, made from eco-friendly wood – perfect for the cubby house (RRP $39.95)